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Creative concept development and inspiring design now take place in our newly renovated design studio!

Discover our innovative design studio and meet the passionate souls behind our creative concept development and inspiring design of exhibition stands.

Our talented designers Mille, Maria, Morten and Mikkel have, in close collaboration, created an environment that promotes the expression of creativity.

The ideas behind the design of the Drawing Room are inspired by a timeless aesthetic with a unique twist.

This unique twist manifests itself first and foremost in our choice of colors for the curtains, which are carefully selected to harmonize with the fabric covering the large notice board on the wall. We have created a beautiful connection between the two elements, which gives the room a subtle and refined expression.

In order to update the drawing room's existing decor, we have chosen timeless colors and materials that both enhance the existing charm and bring it into a modern context.

By moving the bookcase to a new location where there was previously an unused space, we have opened up the glass facade at the entrance and created a more inviting and airy atmosphere.

This gives the entrance area a feeling of spaciousness and openness. Just at the entrance to the Drawing Room, we have marked the glass wall with a subtle curtain in a muted green shade that adds character to the room.

We have also added a curtain as an elegant room divider between the Drawing Room and one of the house's meeting rooms, using a light light yellow curtain in combination with industrial windows to create a dynamic and versatile room division.

At the notice board, we have created a bespoke light gray bookcase with a beautiful oak veneer edge. This bookcase serves as a functional and aesthetically pleasing storage solution, where we have inserted gray archive boxes to achieve an industrial look that fits perfectly with the raw office premises at Vestervangsvej 8.

The bookcase also contains an up-to-date and useful material library, which is available to the entire house.

This library serves as an invaluable resource that helps us choose just the right materials for our various tasks, whether it's designing trade show stands or other creative projects.

Would you like to experience our newly decorated drawing room? If so, we are always happy to welcome you for a cup of coffee and a tour.