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Service bike for Carlsberg

How did we do?

For the past two years, we have had the pleasure of doing something completely different from what our industry suggests. We were allowed to create custom-made projects for Carlsberg. The first special project was a service bike.

We built and mounted the box on the bike. We printed custom-made plates for the pages in Carlsberg Nordic's blue color. It is important to us that the cargo bikes for Carlsberg were personalized and clearly belonged to Carlsberg. We had therefore printed the logos and mounted them on the sides of the bike.

Now is Carlsberg ready to cycle the city thin. They plan to bring the bikes to, among other things, sporting events and festivals.

Service bike for Peter Larsen Kaffe

How did we do?

Load the bikes Peter Larsen Coffee got the same makeover as the service bikes for Carlsberg. We chose to make the box in a black colour, as Peter Larsen Kaffe wanted its logo in the white colour. We mounted the box, the sides and finally logos on the sides.

In contrast to the Carlsberg cart, Peter Larsen Kaffe wanted a high edge. Precisely so that the cargo bike can be used on the exhibition stands, when Peter Larsen Kaffe visits fairs. The high edge enables their coffee machine to stand on the cargo bike. Then the cargo bike also functions as a coffee station.

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Beer carts for Carlsberg

How did we do?

Back in 2021, we had the honor of helping Carlsberg with their Showroom at Brøndby Station.
The collaboration was a success and they were fresh on another project. The project consisted of us making 10 beer carts for them. So Carlsberg was once again ready for the summer's sporting events.

We chose to foil all the sides of the beer carts in Carlsberg's iconic green colour. We installed reversible signs with Carlsberg's logo. We ourselves are really satisfied with the beer carts and so is Carlsberg. We are happy that they once again show us their trust.

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Our salespeople and designers are ready to help you if you have a specific project in mind. We help you develop and visualize your project. So it will be completely unique.

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Are you perhaps looking for something completely third or fourth? We also offer to create your showroom and Office interior design.

Over time, we have been allowed to create beautiful, unique and functional showrooms and office furnishings. Maybe you know some of our customers? Birch Property, Jysk System Cleaning and ByJema.

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