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Social responsibility

At Expo Partner, we would like to contribute to social responsibility. We prioritize this to a high degree and succeeded in this through good and long-standing cooperation agreements. These cooperation agreements are of great importance to us, as we would like to help associations, individuals or non-profit organizations to achieve their dreams! If you are interested in reading about our sponsorship agreements. Then you have landed in the right place at Expo Partner!

We sponsor, among other things, the local football team VFF, handball team VHK and cultural associations such as Tinghallen.

We would like to contribute to a healthy and well-functioning society, where there is room to develop and achieve your dreams, whether you are a sportsperson, an operating company or something else entirely. We care about the people around us and the environment. You can here read how we work sustainably at Expo Partner.

Friends giving a high five

Viborg FF


We want to support locally and exactly where it makes a difference. That is why we have sponsored the VFF for many years. Viborg FF was founded as early as 1896, but from the very beginning the association had nothing to do with football. It only came on the agenda a few years later and since then many matches have been played and pleasant cultural gatherings held at the large stadium. VFF has established Denmark's greenest football community, namely team green energy. Which in its entirety embraces a diverse network of football lovers, enthusiasts, citizens, companies and associations. We are happy to contribute to a community and activities that bring joy and benefit to everyone in and around Viborg Municipality.

Viborg HK


We at Expo Partner are new sponsors for Viborg HK, but our sign company Colors have been sponsors for several years, and we will continue to support them. We believe that it is important to support activities that create life in the city, and Viborg HK manages to gather a lot of handball-loving people. We also enjoy coming to the club from time to time. It's actually one of the better ways to stay in touch with the local community. We have a good relationship with many of them and this gives us the opportunity to network with other businesses in the city.

The court hall


For many years, we have been a sponsor of Congress - and the music house Tinghallen in Viborg. A local and historic building which arouses great enthusiasm for the local people in and outside Viborg. The house is used for both music, sports and fairs. We build many of our customers' exhibition stands in the Court Hall. So of course we would like to contribute to the operation.