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Make it unique with a physical showroom

A showroom represents a unique opportunity to present your products in a way that not only catches the eye, but also leaves a deep impression on your potential customers. By utilizing this physical platform, you manage not only to showcase your product range, but also to create a direct connection between your company and visitors.

In this place, a dynamic space emerges that not only engages your employees, but also invites customers to participate. This is where you can stage your products in an impressive way, which not only strengthens the customer relationship, but also creates an atmosphere of cohesion.

The uniqueness of a showroom unfolds as a physical exhibition that communicates your products and services in an inspiring and engaging way, far beyond what online channels can offer. The personal experience you can offer through the showroom is an investment that not only appeals to more customers, but also drives a significant increase in sales.

A company's identity is reflected in a remarkable way through a showroom. Through careful curation of branding, product variety and atmosphere, a visual and interactive representation of your company values emerges. This unique combination creates a memorable experience for visitors, where they not only remember your products, but also imprint the essence of your company.

All in all, a showroom gives you a unique opportunity to present your products with great impact, create in-depth relationships, deliver a unique experience and showcase your company's identity in a remarkable way. This goes beyond regular marketing and establishes an ongoing connection between your business and its visitors.

Your objective with a showroom could be to:

Create a space for both employees and customers

A showroom is a unique opportunity to present your products and create a direct connection with your potential customers.

By leveraging this physical platform, you can display your products in a way that grabs attention and leaves a lasting impression.

Create a unique experience

A showroom functions as a physical display window where you can present your products/services in an engaging and inspiring way.

Through a showroom, you can present your range and create a personal experience that differs from online channels. It is an investment that attracts more customers and increases sales.

Reflect the company's identity

A showroom is a unique opportunity to create a visual and interactive representation of the company's identity.

By focusing on branding, product range and atmosphere, the showroom can convey the company's values and create a memorable experience for visitors

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Our process - 6 steps to success


In the initial process, we hold a meeting to determine your dreams, needs and wishes for a Showroom.

It is an important process, as we ensure that the good dialogue and identification of needs results in a successful project for both parties. When our salespeople have specified your needs and wishes, they brief our designers.

Concept development

Our designers start your Showroom concept and they think the entire customer journey into the concept. We take into account whether your showroom is to be used to display your products or services. Or for holding meetings physically or virtually. We ensure that the functionality is high so that you get the most benefit from it.

It is important to us that the design is exactly as you want it. Your Showroom must embrace the unique things for your company and create value!


Our designers have an eye for detail, Danish quality and functionality. We make sure that your company's DNA, history and identity are incorporated into the showroom design.

So it is tailored and completely unique to your business and will be a good investment.


We want to make sure you like the design before we get started. That is why we use 3D scanning to present your showroom visually. This gives you the opportunity to see the design before we get started.

We thus ensure that it is done right the first time. In addition, we think about the environment and reduce resource waste. You can read about how we work sustainably at Expo Partner.

Production and assembly

When the design of your showroom is approved, our salespeople plan and coordinate with our fitters and from here they take over the process.

Our skilled project managers and fitters take care of both transport, assembly and setting up of your showroom.

Evaluation and follow-up

In the time after our competent project managers and installers have completed your showroom, our salespeople will contact you to evaluate the process. It is important to us that the process and progress have been good and that you are satisfied with your Showroom design. We would like to help you next time, whether it is the development of a trade fair stand, office furnishings or something else entirely.

The result speaks for itself - take a look for yourself!

You can see here how we use 3D scanning to present our customers' showrooms.

We use Matterport in our 3D scanning. Among other things, we have recorded 3D scanning of our own Showroom and JP Group A/S.