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The green way of thinking

How do we integrate environmental considerations into our work?

There are many ways to integrate environmentally friendly methods and we believe that even the little things count. We offer our suggestions on how you can work environmentally conscious with your exhibition stand, showroom or office interior. The possibilities are many and we would like to help you think it into your company's profile.

How do we combine the environmentally conscious way of thinking
with tailor-made solutions?

In our work, we place great emphasis on integrating environmentally friendly methods, and it is crucial for us to offer products with a positive impact on the environment. We are aware of our environmental responsibility and strive to be your innovative and environmentally conscious partner. This is reflected in our specific requirements for our work, which ensures that we take into account both the environment, your wallet and ours.

Although environmental friendliness is a central part of our consciousness and work process, we still strive to provide customized and unique exhibition stands that meet your wishes and needs. We focus on offering solutions and methods with a positive environmental impact, and our goal is to create exhibition stands that are flexible and modular. This ensures that solutions and materials can be reused, regardless of the size of the exhibition stand. We prioritize carrying out the work thoroughly from the start to ensure high quality and avoid unnecessary waste of resources. This contributes to an improved bottom line and reduces our environmental impact, which is of great importance to us.


The circular way of thinking

Our environmental responsibility is central to our awareness and work process, but we continue to strive to deliver customized and unique exhibition stands that match your wishes and needs. We work to present solutions and approaches that are scalable and modular, which means that materials and solutions can be reused, regardless of the size of the exhibition stand. Our focus is on doing the job right from the start with high quality to minimize waste and unnecessary work. This ensures an improved end result and is an important part of our commitment to protecting the environment.

Reusable aluminum plates

We build our exhibition stands with aluminum sheets, as for us it represents a responsible choice. The aluminum plates have a thickness of 2.5 mm and the central core of 2 mm consists of recycled plastic, which comes from household waste and beach clean-up, which respects the environment. Our modular system maintains high quality and our suppliers strictly follow international standards and laws, ensuring that we only offer materials with a low environmental impact. We mount a Velcro strip on the back of the aluminum plate to secure it to the aluminum frame. Since the aluminum plate is recyclable, it is a sensible choice, and recycling aluminum requires 95% less energy. When the plate is no longer usable, we ensure that it is recycled, and both the aluminum and the plastic core are recycled.

Brushed metal plate

PVC free materials

As part of our green thinking, we have a clear objective to choose PVC-free products where possible. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a widespread type of plastic that can unfortunately have a negative impact on the environment and health. This type of plastic is often produced using harmful chemicals, and when broken down or burned, it can release dangerous substances into our environment. Through our careful selection of PVC-free alternatives, we try to meet our customers' expectations of both efficiency and responsibility.

100% recycled plastic

Our rugs are a testament to our dedication to environmental awareness and recycling. These rugs are made from 100% recycled plastic, which is derived from used plastic bottles. By converting plastic waste into carpets, we minimize our footprint on the environment and contribute to reducing plastic pollution. But our efforts do not stop there. We have a partnership with our supplier that offers to take the carpets back at the end of their useful life. This ensures that the used carpets are recycled and are included as an important resource in the production of new carpets. Through this closed loop, we keep valuable materials in use and minimize the amount of waste that ends up in landfills or the oceans.


Environmentally tested printer

It is important to us that we can both streamline our production and thereby service our customers faster. At the same time, we can therefore only offer our customers prints that they can use with peace of mind, knowing that the print has been environmentally tested and can be used everywhere, even in institutions and healthcare facilities. We would like to ensure that all our printing only leaves an environmentally friendly impression and that we contribute to the focus being placed on customers as well as companies prioritizing that the ink used for printing follows high standards in order to avoid chemical spills that damage both health and the global climate. We contribute to this by actively choosing such a type of printer for our production.

Banner made of recycled fabric

Our banners represent an environmentally friendly choice compared to traditional materials and are developed with a focus on recycling. By using recycled yarn, we reduce the need to extract and produce new materials. The yarn is made from recycled textile waste and waste from the textile industry, which reduces the amount of waste and promotes a more circular economy. The banners are not only gentle on the environment, but they also maintain a high quality and long life. They are designed to withstand various weather conditions and can be reused repeatedly. When the banner reaches the end of its life, it can be recycled to create new products, minimizing waste and resource consumption.


Decoration with moss

Moss is an environmentally friendly material for decoration and furnishing that creates a green and calming atmosphere. The picking of moss takes place with a focus on taking the environment into account by picking it in a pattern that allows optimal regeneration. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, moss also has acoustic properties, as it can absorb sound and reduce the noise level in the room. By choosing moss as a material, you can create unique and environmentally friendly furnishing solutions, while at the same time contributing to the preservation of nature and its resources. Moss is therefore a reusable and environmentally friendly choice that promotes the preservation of biodiversity.

Wood with respect for nature

We offer a responsible alternative when it comes to wood products. We understand the importance of preserving our forests and the environment while meeting the needs and wishes of our customers. Our wood products are carefully selected from certified and responsible sources. This means that the wood is grown and harvested with respect for the forest's ecosystems and the local population, while ensuring the long-term conservation of forest resources. We offer storage of furniture so that it can be reused and used again and again. With us, we ensure that the furniture retains its quality and functionality, which saves resources and minimizes waste. Choose our solution to promote a circular economy and reduce your environmental impact.