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– More than just a workplace

New times - well-being and productivity are linked

The right office environment creates joy among employees, attracts labor and impresses visitors.

In the design of domiciles and office environments, it is important to focus on the company's values and needs. We create environments that feel right for the people who use them. Our design team constantly has its finger on the pulse in relation to the trends of the time and has extensive experience in combining exactly this with your needs and wishes.

At Expo Partner, we can facilitate the entire process and therefore you only need one supplier.

The only thing you have to concentrate on is defining your needs and letting us do exactly what we are good at.

More than just a workplace

A well-furnished and inspiring office goes far beyond just a place to work. It works as a creatively designed framework that has a significant impact on employee well-being, productivity and engagement.

Such an office space creates an atmosphere of motivation and innovation, where employees feel inspired to explore new ideas and collaborate across departments. From the color palette to the furniture and lighting, everything is carefully coordinated to create a pleasant and energetic workplace.

An inspiring office is not just a place where tasks are done, but where creativity and productivity thrive in an environment created to promote employees' best work.

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Our process - 6 steps to success

We will give you an insight into how we work with the process when we help you and your company with the design of your office facilities.


In the initial process, we will start by holding a meeting to determine your dreams and expectations for the collaboration.

It is an important process for us, as we thereby ensure that, with good dialogue, we can identify your needs for the design of your office facilities.

You are in ongoing dialogue with our salespeople and when they have specified your wishes and needs, they brief our designers.

Concept development

Our designers begin the concept of your office facilities and take into account your wishes about the purpose of the remodeling.

There are many options when our customers choose us to furnish their office environment. We can create different environments that each have their own purpose and function.

It could, for example, be a bar, a meeting area, an area that functions as a reception where you receive your visitors.


Our designers have an eye for sense, detail, Danish quality and high functionality.

We want to make sure that furnishing your office areas adds value and is thus a good investment for you, your company and the employees!

We ensure that your company's DNA, history and identity are clear and thought through in the design of the office facilities.


We use 3D scanning to visually present how your office might look.

We will also create a book for you, both when we are in the process to provide inspiration and when we have finished decorating the office. Then you have the opportunity to always find inspiration and look back at the book. We want to make sure things are done right the first time.

We focus on and care for the environment. You can read how we work sustainably at Expo Partner here.

Production and assembly

Once you have approved the new design of your office areas, our salesperson plans and coordinates with our installers.

From here, our skilled and professional project managers and fitters will take good care of all handling of transport, unpacking, assembly and setting up of your office furnishings.

We help you throughout the process and you just have to sit back and be happy that we will come and help you with the furnishing of your current office.

Evaluation and follow-up

Our salespeople follow up on whether you are still satisfied with the concept and design of your newly furnished office. We also want to engage in a dialogue about how employees and other visitors to the company have reacted positively to the new office environments. Our goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

After our skilled project managers and installers have completed work on your office facilities, our sales representatives will contact you to evaluate your experience. It is of great importance to us that you are completely satisfied with the process, progress and result of your office design.

It is important to us that you are fully satisfied with the process, progress and result of your office design.

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