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– Create your brand on the fairground: From concept to connection

Did you know that a fair stand is more than just a simple stand?

It is your visual business card that presents your brand and your products to potential customers and business partners.

In order to create the perfect setting for your exhibition stand, it is important to have clear objectives. We are your close business partner who can help you understand your target group and the market in order to achieve the desired results.

When your objectives are clear, you can start to consider how your trade fair stand will create the desired atmosphere and attract visitors. Colors, lighting, signage, interactive elements and product presentations work together to convey your message effectively. din virksomhed.

A well-executed trade show stand can act as a draw for potential customers and create a memorable experience that sets your brand apart from the competition. It is not just a static construction; it is a dynamic platform that allows you to interact with visitors and build valuable business relationships.

In short, your exhibition stand is the visual representation of your brand and a decisive factor for your exhibition success. With clearly defined objectives and close cooperation, we can create a trade fair stand that impresses and achieves the desired results, and leads to growth and success for your company. 

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Our process - 6 steps to success


In the first and initial process, you are in dialogue with our salespeople about what wishes and needs you have for your trade fair stand. You can think of this process as a brainstorm.

Our salespeople try to meet your requirements for the design and concept of your exhibition stand. When our salespeople have concretized your wishes, they brief our designers.

Concept development

Our designers begin concept development of your trade fair stand. They work based on your company's needs and identity. They think the customer journey for the visitors into the concept and design of the exhibition stand.

Is there a focus on the good dialogue at the stand, the products or something else entirely? Our employees have many years of experience in how a stand should be built to function optimally for you and the visitors.


In the design process, our designers continue to work with the exhibition stand design - and the concept, which is rooted in the company's identity, DNA and visual expression. The designers work purposefully to ensure that the entire expression fits together. We have plenty of suggestions for how your trade fair stand can create recognition and a WOW effect for visitors.

Our competent designers are in close dialogue with you throughout the process.


When we have finished fine-tuning the design of our exhibition stand, our salespeople look forward to meeting you in person. We would like to have an in-depth discussion about the presentation and listen to your thoughts and wishes. In this way, we can together ensure that the exhibition stand is tailored exactly to your needs.

Production and assembly

Once you have approved the stand, we will start production. We guarantee you a high-quality trade fair stand, made of sustainable materials and delivered on time.

Our skilled project managers and installers ensure that all handling, packing, assembly and dismantling of your trade fair is prioritized and expedited. We manage it all and promise that you just have to sit back and look forward to the fair opening.

Evaluation and follow-up

After your fair participation, we evaluate the process together. We want to make sure that the experience was good. We would like to help you the next time you go to a trade fair.

We will also discuss whether you need to use our warehouse hotel. We can store your materials so you can use them again. At our address we offer more than 8000 m2 of buildings where our warehouse hotel is.

Find inspiration in our cases

Your objective at the fair could be to:

Showcase products

A trade fair stand is a unique opportunity to present your products and create a direct connection with your potential customers.

By leveraging this physical platform, you can display your products in a way that grabs attention and leaves a lasting impression.

Caring for current customers

A trade fair stand is not only an opportunity to attract new customers, but also a unique platform to nurture and strengthen your relationship with your existing customers.

By investing time and resources in creating a memorable experience for your loyal customers at the trade show, you can strengthen their loyalty and build long-lasting relationships.

Establish contact with new customers

A trade fair stand is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of your brand and attract potential customers.

By utilizing this physical platform, you can present your products and services in an engaging and effective way.

Build a brand/name in the industry

A trade fair stand is a fantastic opportunity to position your brand and establish your name in the industry.

By utilizing the platform a trade fair stand is - you can create awareness and credibility around your brand and create a lasting impact on your potential customers.

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Create a memorable experience for potential customers

At Expo Partner, we are convinced that a trade show stand should offer a memorable experience for your potential customers and partners. Your stand should leave a lasting impression that ensures you are remembered. Achieving this requires creating the perfect atmosphere. Every detail, from colors and lighting to signage and interactive elements, must harmonize to effectively communicate your message and showcase your company's identity. 

With limited space available, the design and layout of your trade show stand become crucial. Every element needs to be carefully selected and thoughtfully planned to maximize impact 

When we design exhibition stands for our clients, every aspect is meticulously planned. Nothing is left to chance. This meticulous attention to detail is reflected in the successful outcomes we’ve achieved for our clients and the positive feedback they’ve received at the exhibitions they’ve attended.

We prioritize functionality

At Expo Partner, while we place great importance on design and visual presence, we never prioritize form over function. Your exhibition stand must also be functional. This is crucial for creating a cohesive experience. In other words, a beautiful and visually appealing stand is useless if it doesn't function properly 

When we design exhibition stands for our clients, we also consider how the staff wants to interact with visitors. For example, should there be tables and chairs or perhaps a sofa for more relaxed conversations? We ensure to include appropriate and comfortable areas that encourage dialogue and make your potential customers and partners feel welcome.

How to be successful with your trade fair stand:

Create a 'wow' effect

In order to create a 'wow' effect for trade fair visitors, you can use various means. It's about giving them an experience that they remember and that uses different elements that can contribute to being completely absorbed by the sight of the stand.

Innovative solutions/systems

Introduce exciting and innovative elements at your trade fair stand that make people stop and take notice. This can include interactive screens, virtual reality experiences, touch screens with product presentations or even live demos of your products.

Make it easy and fun for visitors to explore and engage with your brand.

Screens with moving images/films

Use eye-catching graphics, lighting and colors that stand out and create visual appeal. Consider using large images, vibrant visuals or even a creative and unique booth design. An aesthetically pleasing trade fair stand will attract attention and create the desired 'wow' effect.

Red thread throughout the stand

When designing a trade fair stand, it is crucial to create a common thread that ties all elements together. A common thread ensures that your trade fair stand presents a coherent and consistent story that strengthens your message and makes it easier for visitors to understand and remember you.

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Warehouse hotel

What do you do with your exhibition stand when the fair is over?

When the trade show season ends and it's time to store your exhibition equipment, we are here to help. We ensure that your exhibition stand and all your equipment are stored properly and safely, so they can be used again when the new season begins. 

At Expo Partner, we provide a specialized storage environment tailored for exhibition stands and equipment. This guarantees professional and secure storage for your exhibition stand. 

When the new exhibition season begins, we can redesign your stand if needed. This allows you to continuously update and adapt your exhibition stand to new trends, products, or changes in your brand strategy. It's essential that your exhibition stand always reflects who you are and what you represent. 

Are you ready to take your exhibition stand to the next level? Reach out to Expo Partner today. We'll collaborate to design a stand that not only captivates potential customers and partners but also achieves your goals. We customize solutions to fit your specific needs. We can't wait to work with you!

Here are some important factors that make our warehouse hotel the ideal choice:

Safety in the top class

Our facilities are outfitted with comprehensive surveillance, alarm, and access control systems, ensuring that your equipment remains secure and protected from any potential theft or damage.

Our facilities are equipped with surveillance, alarm and access control systems that ensure your equipment is safe and protected from theft or damage.

Professional handling

Our experienced team possesses the expertise to manage exhibition stands with the utmost care and precision.

We guarantee that your stands are meticulously packed, labeled, and stored, ensuring they are ready for use whenever you need them. You can trust us to handle your equipment with care, maintaining it in optimal condition.

Specialized storage environment

Our storage facilities are specifically designed to maintain optimal environmental conditions, ensuring that your exhibition stand remains unaffected by extreme temperatures or humidity. This guarantees that your stand stays in perfect condition until you need it again.

This helps maintain the quality of the booth and prevent damage from condensation or moisture-related issues.

Space saving and organization

Storing exhibition stands can be challenging, particularly if you're short on space in your office or warehouse.

Our storage solution helps you free up valuable space and organize your equipment efficiently. We ensure that your stands are readily accessible and in perfect condition when you need them, saving you both time and effort.