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Office interior design
From the national team lounge to a sustainable concept with a focus on recycling at Brøndby Stadium.

In collaboration with Carlsberg, Expo Partner has developed and carried out a lounge interior in the Michael Laudrup Lounge at Brøndby Stadium. After a number of years without changes in Carlsberg's lounge "Landsholdsloungen", it had just become time for changes. The concept for the new interior was created based on the company's approach to reusable and "upcycled" materials.

In the lounge, a focus has been created on the company's "DRAUGHTMASTER", which is a revolutionary new way of delivering draft beer that keeps the beer fresh from the brewery to the glass. The whole secret behind this new technology, as well as this lounge decor, is the plastic kegs, which keep the beer fresh for longer, provide more space, are better for the planet and, last but not least, can be used to make furniture, wall decorations and tables.

We have developed the interior in collaboration with Carlsberg, with a focus on products made from old draft beer barrels. They also wanted an environment that reflected the company's identity and products, in order to create pleasant surroundings for both employees, customers and other visitors to the lounge.

All table tops in the lounge are made from recycled plastic sheets to which a solid oak edging has been added. The wall with the plastic hop leaves are compressed kegs. The logos are made of solid brass to create the Nordic look with oak, plastic and light banners.

The lounge will create space for experiences in connection with events at Brøndby Stadium.

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