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Exhibition stands
A trade fair stand with Lounge sofa

byJEMA got one two-part exhibition stand, where it was possible to present their products on one side of the stand and on the other side we had created a cozy and lounge area for them, so that the visitors could retreat as needed. At the same time, the cozy area also functioned as a presentation of their products, where the firewood stack was placed in byJEMA's own firewood shed. At the same time, it was also their own lounge sofa, which was used at the exhibition stand and their own fire place / grill in the middle of the lounge area. It is a brilliant way to showcase your products and incorporate them into the design of the exhibition stand in a way that visitors can get the feeling of the quality and comfort of the products. The details on the exhibition stand were spot on with the various plants and the fine lamps, which create a warm light in the lounge area.

We have previously been allowed to make them one really nice showroom.

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