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Expo Partner - 300 messestande bygget fra Januar til oktober



October — a month in the fast lane

Intense activity
October has been a month of intense activity, where Expo Partner has created impressive trade fair stands worldwide. We have produced as many as 48 stands at 16 fairs in Italy, Germany, the USA, Spain, Sweden and Denmark.

Expo Partner - messestand OK

Long-term partnership
Among other things, we can highlight our long-term partnership with OK, for which we created two unique exhibition stands that graced the Bella Center. This partnership, which has spanned 13 years, is a symbol of dedication, creativity and successful collaboration.

Expo Partner - Tesla messestand

Focus on sustainability
In line with the increasing focus on sustainability, our skilled fitters have been busy with a trial setup of our newly purchased equipment for the eCarExpo fair for Tesla. We are proud to have contributed to the exhibitions for some of the industry's most innovative names, including Tesla, OK and Looad — which focus on sustainable technology.

Expo Partner - nye medarbejder Rasmus og Julius       Expo Partner - nye medarbejder Kim og Michael

Happy reunion
October also offered happy reunions when Julius, Rasmus, Michael and Kim returned as project managers in Expo Partner. Their experience and dedication is a valuable resource to our team and we look forward to continuing our success together.

Expo Partner - 300 messestande bygget fra Januar til oktober

Cooperation and dedication
We've had a busy and productive 2023 so far! We are proud to announce that we have completed 300 exciting projects for our incredible clients! It's great to see how our collaboration and dedication continues to grow and thrive. These 300 projects have been carried out for no less than 170 different clients, and it is precisely your diverse needs and visions that drive us to deliver our very best every day.