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Expo Partner X Colors

The summer has offered more than a holiday for Expo Partner.

Per On 1 July 2022, Expo Partner, in consultation with the founder, Michael Svensson, has bought the majority in the sign company Colors ApS and therefore owns 51 % of Colors.

Expo Partner has collaborated with Colors for many years and made use of the skills and services that our own sign production lacked. The time has come for both Expo Partner and Colors to see the benefits of making use of each other's skills and facilities.

Expo Partner has had the opportunity to buy print and machine remedies for our sign department over many years, which has made our sign production significantly more efficient. Colors can benefit from these facilities and by using our facilities, Colors has the opportunity to streamline their own sign production and scale up so that they can serve more customers and handle larger tasks.

"The collaboration has created an important synergy between Expo Partner and Colors. We really see that it is going to benefit both parties. We have collaborated for many years, but this offers much better opportunities for all of us."
Michael Svensson, founder of Colors Aps

Expo Partner operates as usual

Expo Partner will continue to offer tailor-made exhibition solutions, showrooms and office furnishings to our customers. It is still the same fitters we send out to build your trade fair stand and the same salesperson who answers the phone.
The same applies at Colors, where it is still Michael Svensson who runs Colors and his good people Kasper and Michael who help you with everything from facade signs, banners, car decoration etc.

"For many years we have made use of Colors' services in the areas where our own sign production has not had the opportunity to do so. It has contributed to a good collaboration, which we are really happy about and see great value in."

Steffen Dalsgaard, partner

The ideas behind the collaboration are not only beneficial for Expo Partner and Colors, but also for both parties' customers. We hope and believe that the collaboration results in both our and Color's customers and partners being able to gather their needs for signs, foiling, facade decoration and trade fair stands under one umbrella, in one house and at the same address.

We therefore look forward to welcoming both existing and future customers in our shared facilities at Expo Partner at Vestervangsvej 8 in Viborg.