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A successful themed day in the forest for our fitters

At Expo Partner, we value our fitters, and we have always prioritized team building and well-being in the workplace. With the season for building trade fair stands just around the corner, we therefore decided to organize a themed day in the forest for our fitters. The day was full of activities and bonfire food and focused on strengthening cooperation and was a real success. In this blog, we will tell you more about how the day went and why it was so important for us to organize this theme day.

The day started in the morning, when our fitters met in the forest. Here they were received by our team building instructor, who had planned a number of activities for the day. The installers were divided into teams and were presented with the day's activities.

After a series of successful team building activities, it was time for lunch, and our fitters were not disappointed. We had arranged a campfire dining experience, where they had to cook their own food and enjoy it around the fire. The menu included food cooked directly over the fire, including tomahawk steaks, chicken, potatoes and other delicious side dishes. It was a fantastic opportunity for our installers to relax and enjoy nature, and at the same time get to know each other better.

After lunch, the day continued with several fun and challenging activities that included ball games and team building exercises. The installers had to find the shortest route through the forest using a map. It was a fun challenge for everyone involved, and it strengthened the cooperation between the installers.

The day ended with a conclusion and evaluation of the day, where everyone was allowed to share their experiences. All in all, today's theme day was a great success and a good example of how to strengthen cooperation internally through team building activities.


We are very happy to have organized this themed day in the forest for our fitters. It was a fantastic opportunity for our installers to get to know each other better and strengthen cooperation. We believe that well-being and team building are important in the workplace and this can be felt in the results our fitters create. We look forward to sending our fitters out to build exhibition stands to our fantastic customers.