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We are pleased to present this year's stand for Urtekram at the Vivaness fair in Nuremberg! This stand has been carefully designed in line with Urtekram's visual identity, ensuring a good connection with their other platforms.

Harmonious design

The stand contains large, breathtaking prints that perfectly capture Urtekram's natural and organic brand. The light floors create a beautiful contrast to the colorful products displayed on shelves with lighting. This design decision highlights the products in an inviting and aesthetically pleasing way.

Thoughtful layout

Our design includes multiple seating areas to encourage conversation and engagement. The natural wooden furniture and wicker plant pots enhance the ecological feel of the space, supporting Urtekram's commitment to natural beauty and sustainability.

Improved product presentation

The illuminated shelves provide an excellent platform to showcase Urtekram's extensive product range. This setup not only makes the products the focal point, but also ensures that they are easily accessible to the fair's visitors.

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