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How do you use social media after your trade fair participation?

Perhaps you have read our two other articles, where you have the opportunity to gain insight into how you use social media both before and below the fair.

Now the fair is over and you have hopefully had a few good days. You probably have a whole lot of business cards collected that you need to follow up on. Make sure you create a personal follow up so that your conversation seems familiar to the various visitors.

If you have had some of the visitors participate in a competition at the fair. Then they have probably also agreed to be subscribed to your newsletter, if you use one. Therefore, it is important to mention that the visitors must not forget you. It is therefore a good idea to send them follow-up and interesting emails. Those emails will hopefully result in them contacting you for a new collaboration. It can also be a "thank you for the end" email, in which you briefly summarize how your fair participation went. It can also be a good idea to send such an email if your existing customers and business partners have visited you at the fair. Then it shows that you value their visit and at the same time you can also inform them about what the highlight of the fair was.

On social media, it is a good idea to share a post where you describe "what happened at the fair". Then those who did not have the opportunity to participate still get an insight into how your fair participation went. It is also a good idea not to forget your followers who are not necessarily ready to start a collaboration yet. They are still interested in what is happening at your particular company. That posting can, among other things, be about - whether you found any winners of your competitions, the highlight of the fair, did you have any guests visiting, etc.

After that, it's also about using social media actively so that you don't lose your followers.

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